The Biggest Girl in the room (the_big_girl) wrote in atkinsaustralia,
The Biggest Girl in the room

Sydney pork rinds??


I'm a Sydney girl and have not been able to find any pork rind products anywhere. Can anyone suggest places??
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You may have to try several stores, as I find plenty of stores don't stock them, but others always have them.

Some service stations have them.

If all else fails you can make your own.

I get Gold Medal brand.

They have an entry in the Yellow Pages:

Gold Medal Snacks Pty Ltd
19 Bentley St Wetherill Park NSW 2164
ph: (02) 9725 4855
Thanks... I didn't even think of servos... I might have a look next time I'm filling up. :)
Asian grocers also often have them, but check the ingredients AND the carb count, if you can't read it, or it doesn't have one, skip em, as a lot of meat products in Asian grocers contain sugars.
i get them at bilo or woolworths they are in the chip aisle, you have to look closely for them, usually on the top or botton shelves where the prawn crackers are
or alternatively when i couldnt find them i baught them from