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happiness is the tracey!

my package arrived from bratbitch today.. what a wonderful surprise after a less-than-perfect day! thank you so, so much! she sent me three bags of double "d" sugar free apple drops! i promise not to eat them all in one go, despite how difficult it seems right at the moment. so kind.. :)

for some reason i assumed that they would all be green.. but green and red? two variations of the flavour i love! i am sorry to be so stupidly excited over this, but they are all i had hoped for, taste wise, and then some!

i had cool idea. well, i think it's kinda cool, anyways. :b i would be keen on receiving some more of these, and maybe other things at some stage in the future, but i can not not pay you for them. i suppose i am really speaking to lowcarbkitten and bratbitch, but the thought is generally aimed at everyone.

because international money orders are indeed tricky and expensive, (because i'm so far away, and all.. heh) and i refuse to use pay-pal for reasons too long to get into here, i wondered: if you have an amazon wishlist, or any other online kind of thing similar..

..maybe paid journal time, i don't know.. anything i can contribute towards, or purchase for you online. costs to the equivalent of shipping and purchase of low-carb australian goodies for my neglected sweet tooth! anyway, just a thought.. but it could be something that works out well for us.

thanks so much, again abbey! *huge hugs*
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