sad child (luxprincess) wrote in atkinsaustralia,
sad child

Thanks for the replies

I didn't think there would be any ..eheh ..but I managed to find the double d sweets, which I didn't buy cause they are pretty expensive for the size .. no point getting "addicted" to them. Oddly enough, I have no sweets, choco cravings this time. (I'm a former chocoholic and sugarholic) Splenda helps a lot though and thats putting a drain on my expenses as it is.

I also found the yummy yummy pork rinds! mmm ... so good and so guiltless (almost) I sprinkled some chicken salt on some and they were yum. Doesn't mix well with peanut butter though (don't ask .. :)) I reckon it'll be nice with cream cheese and guacomole like lowcarbkitten said. Wish they would go on sale though !

By the way, what are some of your fav dessert low carb recipes? I have really weird cravings on this WOE.
Yesterday I mixed some slightly melted butter with my vanilla protein powder and some splenda and really mushed it together and it felt like cookie dough / white choco praline (depending on my imagination) Totally yum but I'm not buying any more butter for now. Badbadbad ... :)
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