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Australians on Atkins
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Date:2005-06-26 16:35

Hey ppl,

Im new to this community

My name is Emily and im 46kgs...i h8 it but i want to go down to 40kgs.
im 5'2.

im going on a 5 day fast starting tomorrow. Tuesday to Saturday and you WONT be STARVING yourself, and you will see RESULTS. My friend lost 3 or more kilos on it! You will be eating 1 meal a day thats really FILLING. so u WONT be hungry afterwards. And a workout at morning, afternoon and night.

So does anyone want to join me on this diet?
We will help eachother on it and see how eachother is going.
We will both support eachother the best we can!

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Date:2004-06-13 08:57

I was wondering if you could tell me what low carb products are available in Australia and where could I buy them in the Sydney area.. I'll be arriveing in Australia in 3 weeks and wondering if I should bring some of my own products befor I arrive?

help please :)

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Date:2004-02-02 17:21
Subject:OWL Breakfast Yummie

I don't know if any of you have checked out the FiberX cereal from Empower Foods but I just found another great use for it.

Beat up 3 eggs (roughly 1 carb for 3) with a dash of cream or buttermilk (2 ish carbs for buttermilk), dump in a 1/3 cup of the FiberX (2.2 carbs) and whisk it up good. Melt a bit of butter in a frying pan and pour half the mix in. Cook, flip, then roll it up with whatever you like in the middle. Cook up the other one too :)

I just had mine with cottage cheese (3 carbs) and Cottee's diet strawberry jam (~3 carbs)

So Good!

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Date:2003-12-23 11:42

The new Sodastream has at least 3 diet flavours, and guess what, they're sweetened with Splenda!

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Date:2003-12-05 12:45
Subject:Sydney pork rinds??


I'm a Sydney girl and have not been able to find any pork rind products anywhere. Can anyone suggest places??

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Date:2003-11-25 22:33
Subject:Camping foods!!
Mood: excited

Hi! I'm new to this community and I'm doing a somewhat altered version of the Atkins diet - low in complex carbs and processed sugars. But I'm still eating fruit.

I'm going to a music festival in Victoria on the weekend for three days and I don't want to eat disgusting deep fried foods that are usually served. I'm making a bit of a shopping list. Any suggestions for helping me keep up energy levels but staying reletively low in carbs? And not mention stuff that keeps without a fridge!

Oh! And I read the post about the GNC store that sells Atkins products? Where is that situated and how do I get there from Brunswick? ^_^ Hahaha! I haven't been to Melbourne since I was 6 years old.

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Date:2003-11-14 16:37
Subject:Questions for the Aussies

1) What are your five favourite grocery items?

2) What are the five cheapest low carb meals you make?

3) What are your five favourite low carb recipes?

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Date:2003-11-05 23:28
Subject:Thanks for the replies

I didn't think there would be any ..eheh ..but I managed to find the double d sweets, which I didn't buy cause they are pretty expensive for the size .. no point getting "addicted" to them. Oddly enough, I have no sweets, choco cravings this time. (I'm a former chocoholic and sugarholic) Splenda helps a lot though and thats putting a drain on my expenses as it is.

I also found the yummy yummy pork rinds! mmm ... so good and so guiltless (almost) I sprinkled some chicken salt on some and they were yum. Doesn't mix well with peanut butter though (don't ask .. :)) I reckon it'll be nice with cream cheese and guacomole like lowcarbkitten said. Wish they would go on sale though !

By the way, what are some of your fav dessert low carb recipes? I have really weird cravings on this WOE.
Yesterday I mixed some slightly melted butter with my vanilla protein powder and some splenda and really mushed it together and it felt like cookie dough / white choco praline (depending on my imagination) Totally yum but I'm not buying any more butter for now. Badbadbad ... :)

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Date:2003-11-02 23:26
Subject:Low carb specialty foods

A com specially for atkins in australia? This is fantastic! Just wish it was more active.

I do have a few questions though and I'm sorry if this has been done before

Where do I find these double d sweets ?

Where do I find pork rinds? (I found them in some asian store, brandless and at $1.50 per small packet ... surely there are alternatives? But I can't find any in supermarkets)

And what other specialty low carb foods/stores can you share with me?

By the way, I'm in Melbourne. Any help will be appreciated.

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Date:2003-10-21 10:37

Had a pepsi this morning. I just bought it out of habit when I stopped to get petrol and drank half the damn thing before I realised what I was doing.


Am drinking a 1.5 ltr water in an attempt to flush my system and have a 1.5 hour workout with trainer tonight so hopefully will not be too disastrous.

Will have to eat super-low carbs for the rest of the day also.

Crap crappity crap!

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Date:2003-10-20 16:58
Subject:Newbie reporting for duty

Hi All,

I'm on induction starting today and thought I would join a few communities atkins-related. I just realised there was an aussie one so here I am.

Wish me luck!

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Date:2003-08-21 20:29
Subject:happiness is the tracey!
Mood: sleepy

my package arrived from bratbitch today.. what a wonderful surprise after a less-than-perfect day! thank you so, so much! she sent me three bags of double "d" sugar free apple drops! i promise not to eat them all in one go, despite how difficult it seems right at the moment. so kind.. :)

for some reason i assumed that they would all be green.. but green and red? two variations of the flavour i love! i am sorry to be so stupidly excited over this, but they are all i had hoped for, taste wise, and then some!

i had cool idea. well, i think it's kinda cool, anyways. :b i would be keen on receiving some more of these, and maybe other things at some stage in the future, but i can not not pay you for them. i suppose i am really speaking to lowcarbkitten and bratbitch, but the thought is generally aimed at everyone.

because international money orders are indeed tricky and expensive, (because i'm so far away, and all.. heh) and i refuse to use pay-pal for reasons too long to get into here, i wondered: if you have an amazon wishlist, or any other online kind of thing similar..

..maybe paid journal time, i don't know.. anything i can contribute towards, or purchase for you online. costs to the equivalent of shipping and purchase of low-carb australian goodies for my neglected sweet tooth! anyway, just a thought.. but it could be something that works out well for us.

thanks so much, again abbey! *huge hugs*

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Date:2003-08-20 14:21
Subject:The Sugar-Free Mecca of Williamstown, Victoria
Mood: impressed

It's called Ye Olde Suckers On Nelson.

151 Nelson Pl. Williamstown, Victoria (03) 9397 4577

I went in there to have a look for some sweets for my sweetie...

my haul:

Sugarless Confectionery Chocolate Sugar Free Meringues (also available in Vanilla, Cappuccino, Cinnamon & Strawberry) - 0 carbs each, 1.48g of Isomalt (lost the price tag)

Sugarless Confectionery Perlege Galletas (Sweet Wholemeal Biscuits) - 3.6 carbs each, 0.8g maltitol, fibre 0.1g - $3 for a 180g pack

Ye Olde Suckers On Nelson brand - Sugar-Free Cola bottles, without that horrible stuff on the outside - no carb count, but the only carb-type ingredient is maltitol syrup - $4 for 200g

Nellie Mae Sweets (120 Vowell Dve, Pearcedale, 3912, 03 5998 2549) - Sugar Free Cherry Apple Pops (the old fashioned hard-boiled lolly look, not perfectly round, blob like, on a stick)- no carb count, only carb-type ingredient is Isomalt - 100g (lost the price tag)

Nellie Mae Sweets - Sugar Free Raspberry Pops (the old fashioned hard-boiled lolly look, not perfectly round, blob like, on a stick)- no carb count, only carb-type ingredient is Isomalt - 100g (lost the price tag)

Sugarless Confectionery Kaiser Candies Passion Fruit Menthol Cool drops (available in a variety of flavours) - 0 carbs each, 1.3 Isomalt (also contains Aspartame) - 25g pack - on special at the moment (they're just out of date packs) for 20 cents!!

They have loads of Perlege chocolate, small bars and the larger blocks. Milk chocolate, Wild hazelnut etc (I don't recommend the mint, it has a seriously weird taste)

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Date:2003-08-10 00:43
Subject:craving, craving... help!
Mood: content

i just recently purchased here some double "d" fruit drops-- sugar free candies. this was the only type available, and i *love* them. on the back of the pack it lists other flavours available.. (although not here in new zealand) they are a product of australia.

what i am after, is the double "d" "apple drops" candy bags. i would be willing to exchange for almost anything, to even go so far as posting a money order if anyone could help me out. i miss apple flavoured lollies.. could anyone help me..?

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Date:2003-07-22 09:20
Subject:New Stuff at GNC

Well the first new thing they have at GNC is a GNC Low Carb Club

From the flyer:


.. and let the low carb lifestyle
change your life

Low-Carb News Updates
New products updates
Members-only discounts on low-carb products
Taste Testing Evenings
Competitions with fantastic pries
and best of all...

It's easy to join... Simply send an email to
lowcarb@hines.com.au and write "membership" in the
subject line.

Atkins products are available exclusively at GNC LiveWell.
Freecall 1800 779 990

They have big Atkins posters up!

and for good reason, they've got lots of new stuff in, some with new packaging.

In my haul I got:

Atkins Bake Mix
Ketch-A-Tomato Sauce
Atkins Vanilla Syrup
Atkins Chocolate Syrup
Atkins Sour Dough Bread Mix
Atkins Choc Chip Muffin Mix
Atkins Corn Muffin Mix
Atkins Gourmet Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix

They had almost all the muffin mixes I think, plus loads of bread mixes, Almond Brownie bars and Breakfast Bars.

I got mine at the Melbourne Central GNC.

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Date:2003-06-26 15:27

Ok, I'm in Texas... is there anything that anyone has read about that they thought sounded too good to be true that they want me to test out and let you know if it's any good or not?

I've tried some low carb bread and I'm a bit disappointed.. the russell stovers pecan caramel thingies are great though :)

I'm trying a Hansen Tangerine Lime soda later on today too...

It's a hard life :)

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Date:2003-06-25 23:58
Subject:Sorry for those who viewed the spam

It's now been deleted and they've been banned from the community.

If anyone sees any similar spamming of "better" plans than Atkins, or spam in general, please email me, or comment in my journal to let me know.

I've posted a warning in the userinfo, but most of them don't read that anyway.

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Date:2003-06-20 22:17
Subject:bar............ issues
Mood: tired

recently i posted in atkins_diet to see what others thought of the myoplex carb sense bars.. the responses were not that favourable, out of those that had tried them. my box arrived earlier this week, and.. well.. they didn't last long. not long at all.

about three days. that's shocking.. it didn't help that i bought them at totally the wrong time of the month, but they tasted so much like something-that-i-can't-eat-but-want, i just went nuts. they don't taste any better than any other protein bars (i got the marble fudge flavour) but they were still good for the price i paid. i found them here.

as a consequence of my lack of control with them, i've gained 2.5kg, however i also realize some of the cause of the weight gain is because it's 'that time'. it usually falls right back off again, but it'll take a bit longer this time around. damnit. they were supposed to be for my lunches at work too.. heh. i'm going to have to learn a bit of self-control for the next time i buy them.. *hangs head*

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Date:2003-06-20 18:09
Subject:GNC Promotion

I think it's an Australia wide thing..

The Designer Whey fruit flavoured drinks are on a buy-one-get-one-free special until the end of the month. They average 40g of protein and 1 carb per bottle and come in a range of fruit-ish flavours. Good for breakfast on the run or post gym stuff.

Personally, I find them a little strong, but they are nice mixed half/half with water, provide good protein and hell, they're on special :)

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Date:2003-06-08 12:11

Hey everyone. I'm on my third day of induction - and the withdrawls are actually really really bad.

Is it normal to feel this nauseous???


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