I sacrificed more than I had (oceansong) wrote in atkinsaustralia,
I sacrificed more than I had

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bar............ issues

recently i posted in atkins_diet to see what others thought of the myoplex carb sense bars.. the responses were not that favourable, out of those that had tried them. my box arrived earlier this week, and.. well.. they didn't last long. not long at all.

about three days. that's shocking.. it didn't help that i bought them at totally the wrong time of the month, but they tasted so much like something-that-i-can't-eat-but-want, i just went nuts. they don't taste any better than any other protein bars (i got the marble fudge flavour) but they were still good for the price i paid. i found them here.

as a consequence of my lack of control with them, i've gained 2.5kg, however i also realize some of the cause of the weight gain is because it's 'that time'. it usually falls right back off again, but it'll take a bit longer this time around. damnit. they were supposed to be for my lunches at work too.. heh. i'm going to have to learn a bit of self-control for the next time i buy them.. *hangs head*
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