Low Carb Kitten (lowcarbkitten) wrote in atkinsaustralia,
Low Carb Kitten

New Stuff at GNC

Well the first new thing they have at GNC is a GNC Low Carb Club

From the flyer:


.. and let the low carb lifestyle
change your life

Low-Carb News Updates
New products updates
Members-only discounts on low-carb products
Taste Testing Evenings
Competitions with fantastic pries
and best of all...

It's easy to join... Simply send an email to
lowcarb@hines.com.au and write "membership" in the
subject line.

Atkins products are available exclusively at GNC LiveWell.
Freecall 1800 779 990

They have big Atkins posters up!

and for good reason, they've got lots of new stuff in, some with new packaging.

In my haul I got:

Atkins Bake Mix
Ketch-A-Tomato Sauce
Atkins Vanilla Syrup
Atkins Chocolate Syrup
Atkins Sour Dough Bread Mix
Atkins Choc Chip Muffin Mix
Atkins Corn Muffin Mix
Atkins Gourmet Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix

They had almost all the muffin mixes I think, plus loads of bread mixes, Almond Brownie bars and Breakfast Bars.

I got mine at the Melbourne Central GNC.
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