The Biggest Girl in the room (the_big_girl) wrote in atkinsaustralia,
The Biggest Girl in the room


Had a pepsi this morning. I just bought it out of habit when I stopped to get petrol and drank half the damn thing before I realised what I was doing.


Am drinking a 1.5 ltr water in an attempt to flush my system and have a 1.5 hour workout with trainer tonight so hopefully will not be too disastrous.

Will have to eat super-low carbs for the rest of the day also.

Crap crappity crap!
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just keep going.

ignore the Pepsi count and just do your 20 carbs. it might add another day to Induction, but you can just keep going.

we all eat something nasty by mistake sometimes.

I've had nasty experiences with that "post mix" softdrink they serve in pubs. Sugar residue comes down the line into your diet drink sometimes!
Wow, that's not something I ever thought about... yick! No postmix for me. :)
I never thought about it either, until I got the worst headache in the world...

now it's bottled mineral water for me every time!